Alhambra 10 Premier Concierto
  • Alhambra 10 Premier Concierto
  • Alhambra 10 Premier Concierto
  • Alhambra 10 Premier Concierto
  • Alhambra 10 Premier Concierto
  • Alhambra 10 Premier Concierto

Alhambra 10 Premier Concierto

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Well-balanced bass, mid and treble and an incredible sound projection, a modern guitar aimed at today's guitarist


With the 10 Premier model, the craftsmen of Guitarras Alhambra have applied the experience accumulated over the years in the making of classical guitars.

From model 8 P to 11 P, the instruments are made by a small group of craftsmen where, in a progressive way, each model acquires more time of elaboration, design and detail.

The 10 Premier model has a design of harmonic bars that favors the maximum volume and projection of the instrument.

A sound that together with a perfect string height, high enough to contribute to the sound, but at the same time with the right height to be extremely comfortable, describes a guitar with an incredible sound projection and with well balanced bass, midrange and treble, a modern guitar designed for today's guitarist.

The Alhambra Guitar 10 Premier model is designed and made with a series of details that increase the performance of this instrument.

The finishes of this model denote important craftsmanship and a very refined image.

Twelve holes in the bridge, bone in the saddle and nut, a very efficient pegbox and a double green line in the profiles give the 10 Premier model aesthetic qualities, but at the same time comfort and good sound.

A design where the handle called "ergoneck" has been implemented, which favours the comfort of the guitarist, and where the fretboard is extended through the mouth of the soundboard to introduce the 20th fret. A design requested by guitarists and by today's compositions.

It is difficult to imagine all the possibilities offered by this instrument, where the sound quality of the first string is especially noteworthy.

In short, a modern guitar to meet the demands of today's guitarist.

Alhambra 10 Premier
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