Alhambra 6P Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 6P Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 6P Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 6P Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 6P Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 6P Conservatorio

Alhambra 6P Conservatorio

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A guitar built with Indian Rosewood, robust, comfortable and with great sound, where powerful basses stand out


In the 6 P model of Alhambra Guitars we find a guitar with a high quality construction, where the qualities of a selected Cedar top are taken advantage of, obtaining a warm sound, with rounded tones and powerful volume.

The general construction of the 6 P model corresponds to the characteristics of a concert guitar.

A comfortable string action and a soundboard designed with concert width, which produces a powerful and deep sound, where the quality of the bass stands out.

The high distance between the strings and the soundboard is remarkable, a design that is reminiscent of the guitars used by the great guitarist Andrés Segovia, and which contributes to enhancing the qualities of this instrument, achieving good projection and "sustain".

A very high quality construction with which a guitar comfortable to play is achieved.

As for the materials and finishes of the 6 P model, it is worth mentioning the selected solid Cedar top, a double line in the top and back profiles together with a beautiful Indian Rosewood and an Ebony fingerboard, a material that has also been used to reinforce the neck.

Natural Ebony is not always black and produces beautiful contrasts in the fingerboard produced by the wood grain.

With the 6 P model of Alhambra Guitars you get a robust, comfortable instrument with great sound quality where powerful basses stand out.

A guitar that due to its characteristics is highly recommended for playing classical music, although due to its comfort, it is even used by flamenco guitarists who prefer a high action on the guitar.

Alhambra 6P
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