Alhambra 7P A Conservatorio

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A totally solid guitar with German Spruce on the top and Indian Rosewood on the sides and back


Completely handcrafted from solid woods, the 7 P A is constructed with German Spruce for the top, Ebony for the fingerboard and Indian Rosewood for the back and sides.

The use of German Spruce on the top, besides offering a lighter colour on an aesthetic level, generates different sound characteristics, another colour of sound.

The sound has more duration and the evolution of the guitar with time is much greater. Besides, it adapts to the environment in a slower way than cedar.

It is usually said that spruce top guitars are more suitable for rooms with "dry" sound.

These characteristics are to the liking of the guitarist and in this model it is a suitable choice because of its performance.

Made with the two melamine bones, a material that transmits the sound very well. The 7 P A model is an instrument that produces a sound rich in nuances, clear and very versatile.

This conservatory level guitar is one of the traditional models of Alhambra Guitars and meets the requirements of a concert guitar.

Like the concert models, the 7 P A has a measurement of 10.6 cm. at the widest part and 10 cm. at the narrowest of the rings. In addition, the handle is reinforced with an ebony strip that remains hidden.

To sum up: the 7 P A is a guitar with touch and concert measurements, robust and offers a lot of security in the performance.

Alhambra 7P
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