Alhambra 1C Estudio

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An instrument for beginners in the study of the guitar, with very good performance, perfect finish, beautiful woods and light weight


As soon as it is taken out of the box, this guitar surprises for its quality, both in the finish and in the characteristics of the materials with which it is made.

Handmade and with selected woods, the 1 C model is built with a solid cedar top and Sapelli sides and back, beautiful woods that make up this Spanish guitar.

The finish is cared for to offer an elegant instrument. Elements such as the nickel-plated tuning pegs, the rosewood on the fingerboard or the rim on the lid, define a beautiful and stylish guitar.

The height of the strings (string action) and the choice of frets (alpaca) help to make the 1 C model very comfortable, an instrument very suitable for the beginning in the study of the art of guitar.

A comfort that, together with the sound and aesthetic performance, rewards the effort of the student of this art.

Although the 1 C model is a beginner's instrument, designed mainly for students and with a good quality-price ratio, we find a guitar with volume and with a high capacity to define the sound.

For the elaboration of the bridges, both for the saddle and for the capo, melamine has been used, a synthetic material highly transmitting the sound and contributing to achieve a round and defined sound.

In short, the 1 C model is a studio guitar with very good features that the more you play it, the better it sounds.

Alhambra 1C
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