Alhambra 10Fc Concierto
  • Alhambra 10Fc Concierto
  • Alhambra 10Fc Concierto
  • Alhambra 10Fc Concierto
  • Alhambra 10Fc Concierto
  • Alhambra 10Fc Concierto

Alhambra 10Fc Concierto

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The Alhambra 10 Fc is a high level guitar, very flamenco, comfortable and with a powerful quality sound


A guitar made with first quality materials and by means of a completely handmade work. An instrument with a powerful sound, but at the same time extremely comfortable.

Having the 10 Fc model of Alhambra Guitars in your hands means playing with a guitar that gives the guitarist a lot of security and capacity to interpret any composition.

The guitarist who tries the 10 Fc model will immediately notice its excellent workmanship. The study and research that Manufacturas Alhambra has carried out for many years is reflected in its magnificent instruments and they manage to make the most demanding player enjoy them.

The model 10 Fc is an example, a white flamenco guitar with high performance, totally balanced, achieving a constant tone throughout the fretboard and a good relationship between bass and treble.

For the construction of the 10 Fc flamenco guitar, a strict selection of the woods to be used is made. Solid Spanish cypress for the sides and back and solid German spruce for the top. This guitar is made with ebony on the fingerboard, deluxe golden pegs and ebony reinforcement on the cedar neck.

The ebony reinforcement is located exactly under the fingerboard, inside the neck. The capo must be removed to see it.

In addition, to contribute to the comfort of the instrument, the handle developed by Manufacturas Alhambra called Ergoneck has been used. An ergonomic neck that favors the grip and access to the fingerboard.

As for the finish, the 10 Fc model uses a glossy finish. Specifically, the lid is varnished with nitrocellulose lacquer. A finish that offers greater flexibility and therefore greater vibration capacity to the lid.

The model 10 Fc is supplied with two bone saddles, but with different height. In this way each guitarist can vary the action of the strings by changing the saddle. The intention is to achieve a low or slightly higher action, although always being totally adapted to the characteristics of the guitar.

Besides, this guitar comes with a pickguard to protect the lid. Specifically, a standard one-piece pickguard is incorporated.

Regarding the type of strings used, the JG Flamenco Titanium strings of strong tension, of the Royal Classics brand, are installed.

Alhambra 10Fc
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