String Set Hannabach Flamenco 827SHT
  • String Set Hannabach Flamenco 827SHT

String Set Hannabach Flamenco 827SHT

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Hannabach 827SHT flamenco guitar strings. Extra-strong tension.

The Hannabach 827SHT flamenco guitar strings are specially designed for the flamenco guitar. Flamenco needs powerful, percussive bass and brilliant basses, these strings are ideal for this.

The orange colored primes are slightly polished which gives them a brighter sound than traditional light nylon. The bass strings are silver plated with an anti-corrosion coating which, like all Hannabach strings, gives a powerful and rich sound.


 String  Note  Diameter (mm)   Tension (Kg)   Material 
1 MI (E) 7,8 Nylon orange slightly polished
2 SI (B) 6,6 Nylon orange slightly polished
3  SOL (G)  6,8 Nylon orange slightly polished
4 RE (D) 8,0  Silver plated lace
5 LA (A) 8,0  Silver plated lace
6 MI (E) 8,0  Silver plated lace

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