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Portable piezo pickup for steel string guitar.

It provides the natural sound of your acoustic guitar.
There is no need to modify your instrument.
The wooden sensor housing is light and unobtrusive.
Removable or can remain when not in use.
Includes 8-foot detachable cable.


Encased in lightweight tone-wood, SG-1 ensures the natural amplified sound of your guitar without modification to the instrument. Held in place by the tension of tuned strings, SG-1 installs safely and securely between the bridge saddle and pins. SG-1 may remain installed when not in used. SG-1 comes with a complimentary detachable and easily replaceable 1/8’’ to 1/4’’ cable.

Weight     3.8g. / 0.137oz
Overall length     74mm / 2.91"
Height / jack housing     9mm / 0.35"
Active element measurements
Length     73mm / 2.87"     
Width     9.6mm / 0.38"

Thickness   2mm ± 0.05mm
                   0.079" ± 0.002"
Wood     Mahogany
Maximum Impedance     500 Ω
Cable     2.5meter / 8'

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