Alhambra 4F Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 4F Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 4F Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 4F Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 4F Conservatorio
  • Alhambra 4F Conservatorio

Alhambra 4F Conservatorio

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The colour of the Alhambra model 4 F does not go unnoticed and makes it an instrument with a lot of personality


Like its classical counterpart, the 4 P model, the flamenco 4 F is a very balanced instrument.

This model is the improved version of the 3 F model. In this case it has a gold pegbox and ebony fingerboard, in addition to its attractive orange colour throughout the soundboard. A quality that gives this instrument an added value and makes it a piece that stands out from the rest.

With a solid German spruce top, Sycamore in sides and back, and the orange colour that characterises it, the Alhambra model 4 F has a very flamenco aesthetic.

Like the 3 F model, the 4 F is a guitar with a very flamenco sound, one could say that it is a "percussive" sound with volume. In fact, with a simple strumming you can appreciate the powerful flamenco sound and a tone that wonders.

It is also a guitar that defines the melody very well and has a good balance between bass and treble.

The 4 F model is an instrument of the study line, with the quality that guarantees Manufacturas Alhambra and with very good features, where it is necessary to emphasize the comfort for the interpreter .

A good choice for anyone starting out in the world of flamenco.

A very comfortable model that surely satisfies the demands of a flamenco performer.

The 4 F model incorporates two saddles to be able to adapt it to the action of the strings that the guitarist prefers.

A low or slightly higher action, but always totally adapted to the guitar. An appropriate design to generate the right lisp and the best comfort in the performance. Designed to move quickly through the fretboard.

Both the capo and the saddle are made of melamine, a material that is highly conductive to sound and helps to balance the sound on the instrument.

Alhambra 4F
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